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Digital Food Creation
for Better Living

Revolutionise personalised clinical nutrition with
patented 3D food printing and cooking technology

With our patented processing technologies integrated with 3D food printing and cooking preparation process, we can deliver customized diets with precise control over the food’s sensory, texture, nutrition, and appearance.

Our innovations allow us to turn food by-products into functional and appealing food for the future, promoting sustainable innovation and reducing food waste.

Our core technology of multi-level and selective cooking method, using both innovative flexible heater mounted and laser module, ensures that food is cooked evenly with precision, allowing us to deliver a consistent, high-quality product every single time.

Our core technologies include the real-time print and cook system, and AI digital food design platform. Our mission is to reduce food waste with our on-demand food fabrication concept, and turn food by-products into functional and appealing food for future, and utilizing our innovations to promote food and sustainable innovation to the community via a series of educational STEM workshops and training programs with schools and corporates.

Our product solution is compatible with almost any food types that have to be cooked, ranging from carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, vegetables and fortified snacks embedded with nutritional ingredients and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Imagine having your fortified snacks and cookies prepared for you in minutes!


Connie K.W Lee

Founder / CEO

Ph.D Student (22′-26′)
40 Under 40 Designer, by the Perspective (18′)
Gen. T, Tatler (24′)

Graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven and has extensive industrial experience in creating award-winning product innovations, including recognitions from the German Design, Red Dot, and Design for Asia Awards. Currently, Connie is pursuing her Ph.D. studies at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, with the research focus on food technology inventions, 3D food printing, and functional materials for life tech applications.


Mazing Lee

Head of Business

(BBA), Marketing
CUHK (09′)
Gen.T, Tatler (21′)


Yang Xu

Research Scientist

Ph.D Student (21′-25′)


Timothy Chan Yee Him


Ph.D. Student (21′-25′)


Aidan Yuen


Undergraduate Student (22′-26′)

Sino-UST 1M competition 2023 (Elevator Pitch Award, Best Student Team Award)

Shelovestech Finalist 2023, Hong Kong and Macau

ATEC semi-finalist 2023 (representing HKUST Entrepreneurship Center)


Received TSSSU fundings, Tech-ship funding from HKUST

Member of HKAI Lab & HKSTP Incubation Program

TV interviews on HOI TV, NOW TV and 鳳凰衛

Press coverages on multiple newspapers including Sing Tao Daily, Ming Pao etc.

Invited speaker at international food tech conferences 

Featured story on Tatler Asia